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Nu-uh, this journal is not friends only, just like the fact that I'm not adding back all people who are commenting, I just like the banner and Tsuyoshi looks pretty there so please bear with me XD

Hello~ hello~ hello~!
This journal is currently property of Pi (that has nothing to do with the elite Yamapi or the best seller book Life of Pi, it's just a name given by my good friend), a random fangirl of Arashi and KinKi Kids. More about me is written in the profile but over all it's not that important to read. This journal is almost nothing except my flailings, ramblings and fanfics. I don't lock any fic so please feel free to read them, and ignore the lock after xxx day and stuff, I'm just too lazy to change them. I just lock some stuff about real life, that most probably just sucks (but hey! that's one of so many reasons I'm here) and full of complains and really, you won't miss anything.

I'm currently working as a journalis while trying to keep myself alive to wander in circle for my master degree of psychology
and write anything on my spare time, including fanfics, yesh. Very much straightforward because I want to avoid the awkwardness of misunderstanding. I like to flail, laugh and imagine about some stuff, mostly only for people above 17, but I'm not pervert, no. And I definitely not a liar 8D

Fandom related stuff?
The journal is 95% about fandom, but it's just all my ramblings and nothing important written here lately.
♥ Fanfics will stay open in my journal, the rest will be posted incrumpled_note
I usually write Sakuraiba, Junba and Ohmiya close after that, and some other pairings mostly involving Aiba and Sho. Just currently started to write Koichi x Tsuyoshi.
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That's all? Oh yeah, that's all, although I'm working and appearing randomly anywhere.

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something called love

[randomness] Life, life and life, do I really have one?

Wow, it's really been a while. It's not like someone is particularly waiting for me to write but I feel that somehow I started to abandon my journal. That's why I'm writing now, during my class, just because I did my seminar yesterday and have nothing to do today in class (aside from listening and giving my thoughts of course but I don't need to concentrate that much) XD
And the fact that I posted this entry on weekend is kind of funny XD

There are a lot of stuff actually, that happened, including my quietness in fandoms. I really miss the fandoms actually and I feel like doing nothing lately... Not writing, nor subbing, nothing in particular (but I think it's fine, at least, at this point I still have some several plans to sub stuff). Life has been really hectic I can't even anymore. My job and classes, and japanese classes took my whole life. But I will be here anyway, inactive but available ;)

But! I just had a trip, a very nice one actually, together with permatasari to Jakarta. And I brought my assignment there, can you even believe that?! My RL is just won't give me any break like for real! It was still nice though, I can just erase the memory when I did my assignments XDD

It started with her random talk about going to my city, and my random answer that better if we go to Jakarta (being realistic I don't think anything worth watching here, in my city). There, just like that, we were going to Jakarta. Thanks to hideko_ikuta neechan who let us to sleep in her place for couple days, picked us up from station on -hella- early morning, drive us everywhere, worried about us. Thank you neechan, me loves you so much *huggles*

First day in Jakarta, we had a gathering with KinKi Kids family Indonesia XD
It's my very first time to meet someone from KinKi's fandom. I'm not particularly alone since I have permatasari and ritchuuki, but they like KinKi thanks to some stuff on my HDD so it was still my first time to meet others XD

We met oey, tokie_chan, hachigatsu_neko, peachie_cyo, winar244, angin_biru and it was soooo fun, thank you so much guys for your warm welcome. They even kindly prepared a gathering when we were there, although we were just randomly, egoistically went there. Thank you so much! Let's meet again sometime! <3


We did a KinKi intro don, and well as newbie as I am, I got the last 3 places (that I need to listen more of their songs). As present for the event, we got super cute cupcakes!! I can never get enough to flail over it. Like for real! Thanks oey for the cakes <3 (And I'm really sorry for randomly talking nonsense about Tsuyoshi cake with KinKi pic printed on it, maybe you guys thought too much about it, gomen T^T)

But see the cupcakes, they are too cute!!

They are Sari's and mine XDD (What? of coz I chose Ginger-sama XDD)
Both are Tsuyoshi though, well expect what (gomen Kochan DX)

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Awww Tsuyo~

[english sub] Coca Cola '05 CMs

Hey hey!!
This post only contains some short CMs (well, expect what from CM XD) of Coca Cola, where my main fandoms crossed (important information is important XD). I can't help to flail! I mean it's jdhshsggdvg to see Arashi in CM with KinKi Kids' Eien no BLOODS as background music. And and! Koichi appeared with Arashi's Hadashi no Mirai as background music! XD

It's a pure happiness to sub this! \(^o^)/

A screencap for ritchuuki bcoz both her ichibans are there XD

Young Arashi~ <3

Young Koichi~ I love his hair <3

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very danger icon LOL

Johnny's meme~

Well, I know most of Johnny's group but I'm not familiar with all of them so I will just write the group that I'm familiar with. More than anything I'm a TV show type so I don't really listen to other groups except Arashi and KinKi Kids but I do watch their TV shows lots! So please spare me if I can't really answer the song, concert and PV part :3
I did this meme on my spare time during the classes and it made not to offend anyone, if I stated your favorite is my least favorite member please bear it and noted that it doesn't mean I hate him/them, it means I have different taste than yours and there is nothing wrong with it. I got this meme somewhere in the dreamwidth, I can't remember who so XD

Johnny's Meme

Which Johnny's unit is your favorite? Arashi and KinKi Kids (I can't choose *shrugs*)
Why? Well, they are shining in their own way.
Who is your favorite Johnny? Aiba Masaki and Domoto Tsuyoshi (again, I can't choose)
What Junior/Junior unit do you hope will debut next? I'm not into juniors tho... I dunno, I used to hope MA and MAD but one of the member is out from Johnny's already?
Who is your favorite senpai unit (Before SMAP)? Shonentai I supposed, okay it's too normal XD
When was your very first contact with a Johnny? Um, maybe around 199-ish until 2002? I'm not sure. From KimuTaku's drama, oh please, who doesn't know Kimutaku <3
Who was it? Errr... yeah... Takuya Kimura
How did you learn about him/them? Drama in my local tv :D
When did you start liking/listening to a Johnny’s group? 2009
Do you have a favorite actor in Johnny’s? No bias, it'll be Ninomiya Kazunari~ ohohoho
What was your very first drama starring a Johnny? Long Vacation~
Do you have a favorite drama starring a Johnny? Ummm... only one really? Marathon then~ hahaha. Nino was superb there! bavdsdhgsvxbhsv!!
What Johnny's drama have you watched lately? Ningen Shikkaku 1994 (the KinKi Kids one! If you are fujoshi, go watch it!) XD
Who do you wish would act in a drama (that hasn’t already, of course)? Okamoto? I'm not sure if he has one already~
How many times a day do you think about Johnny’s/your favorite unit? Except in my class, I will lose my concentration easily if I think about them lol
Do you have a Johnnys group/ Johnny on your desktop wallpaper? KinKi Kids XD But my laptop sticker is Arashi (See, everything is equal yo!)
What would you do if your favorite Johnny knocked on your door? Pass out? lol
What advantages does liking Johnny’s/Johnny’s groups give you? A new world, resting area and new family~
What disadvantages does it give you? Almost nothing, except desperation for not able to download their stuff
Have you ever dreamt about a Johnny? Kidding me? OF COZ!
If yes, what was the dream about? Currently... I dreamed Tsuyoshi hugged me from behind and we talked (and don't ask me how in the hell Tsuyo talked to me because he can't use Indonesian and English and I can't use Japanese, maybe we used love language lol), and seriously hope I can just live in my dream. But seriously, it's my first time to dream myself with my ichiban, usually will be my OTP, mostly sakuraiba XD
Do you have an OTP? Heck! People in the world already know, I'm a Sakuraiba shipper! and currently, Tsuyoshi x Koichi~
If you could make one wish about Johnny’s, what would it be? world tour? please? please please please!!
If you were a Johnny, who would you be? I'm not talented at all... so... no one? lol. But I think too much and emoing lots like Tsuyoshi XD
If you could ask your favorite Johnny a question, what would it be? let's say it's Aiba... "please kiss Sho in front of me! onegaishimasu!!" same way to Tsuyoshi, only that I will ask him to kiss Koichi XD
What is your #1 favorite song by a Johnny's group? Ehhhh... ummm.... I can't choose. No seriously, don't gimme this kind of question.
Do you listen to Johnny's music the most? Yep~
Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before Johnny's? Utada Hikaru, Laruku~
If you were Johnny, what would you change about the Jimusho? The Iijima and Julie stuff please. I'm glad for KinKi that they are under Julie and they can somehow meet Arashi or so I wish, but seriously! I need the group under Iijima to meet my favorite as well.

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Anyhow that is~ I haven't watched A.B.C.-Z and I'm seriously not into sexy zone, sorry for the Sexy Zone fans but the name amuses me big time, even more than my own favorite KinKi Kids. Besides I'm not that pedo XD

Tonight after writing my uni report I found that I only have Kis-My-Ft2 empty so I decide to continue the meme. Try it guys, it's fune 8D
Live to service you, my prince &lt;3

[English sub] Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari '06 Fall special edition - Kinou Kouen

Wuuuhh~ It's my first time to post a sub in my personal journal for 2 years being a subber *fidgets nervously*
So, I've dragged so many people into this to make it happened, but I enjoyed to sub this drama lots (think about that it's my first time to time a drama as well). I know that some people had subbed this but since I joined the fandom a bit too late, all links already broken. So when I found out that dear Nara Shoujo has the transcript I can't stop myself from doing this. And since maybe there are also some people don't have the subs due broken links, I decide to post it :D

Okay, enough about my ramblings and here is it~

Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari '06 Fall special edition - Kinou Kouen (Yesterday at The Park)

Summary : Domoto Koichi plays a man who loses his friend due to a freak accident. He then finds that through a time slip, he can return to the previous day and save his friend... (wiki)

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the red aren&#39;t amused!

[randomness] Update about life, hello there Surabaya and my brand new love : KinKi Kids <3

Oh well, it's not long from the last random thing that I write here, I just write something unimportant again? haha. Life has been quiet crowded, aside from my job, I've been abandoned some fangirl stuff due the sucks RL, what can I say...?
Just one week ago my HDD is broken, 500 GB file of arashi are gone, like gone gone and now... my PCs are screaming for their low spaces. I can actually copy all files again, but this broken thingy kinda broke my heart, since I gathered all my files for 3 years practically, alone. Lately I found myself not downloading any subbed arashi files... I dunno, it's just... Why do I dl it while I have no earlier files at all. I just downloaded their raw videos, oh well, at least I dl-ed something instead crying over my HDD non-stop. I will buy new HDD soon I guess... maybe 1 TB, but I dunno...

I need to move on from depressed things now, before I cry over my HDD again. I have a good news (at least for myself) haha. For a month (maybe) I start to like KinKi Kids, as now, I officially am following them and join the fandom I guess? Yeah! I have two active fandoms now! This... I dunno, maybe thanks to daisukearashi lol, darl see, what you have done to me~ You made me have another fandom XD

Yay for Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi~!

[Yay new fandom! XD]I have more special feelings for Tsuyoshi (but I really don't know, I still have unsettled feelings for Koichi, I'm afraid someday I will change my ichiban, so maybe for now better to say that I have no ichiban yet or both are my ichibans). I found it's hard to decide between 2 really, It didn't take long for me to decide Aiba as my ichiban back then (partly because he baited me tho XD).

So what about KinKi Kids? Why them?
I don't know haha. I like their voices and personalities so much, how poker face, adorkable, talented Tsuyoshi is. How tsundere Koichi is, the hardworking guy that can be very high about random stuff, such water (I love his gap so much). I love their songs, their interactions to each other and chemistry, and I found out that I don't need reason to love them, just like the way I love Arashi. I like almost all groups in Johnnys, and usually I have ichiban each, anyhow I just follow them randomly, like Johnny's journey's Kitamitu (since he is my ichiban in Kisumai), so when I start to download all KK videos like crazy and feel all high about Tsu's smiles, I know that KK will be the most special between the specials, like Arashi.

It's really hard to follow them though. Arashi used to spoil me, Arashians spoil me so much. I can find whatever list I want, from subbed till raws, until performances (seriously, arashians rock!). It's not hard to track back Arashi really. But KK, honestly speaking KK fandom is not as big as Arashi, there is no many subbers (or ACTIVE subbers there - since new arashi subbers pop up like every month or so?). And I found the old subbers usually left for long time, so in the end there are bunch things I can't download, since the links already broken. I can't even track back the PVs because there is no list, in the other side Tsuyoshi and Koichi have bunch solo projects. It's so...jsefagegdhagshvbavd frustrating. Or maybe it's been long time for me to be a newbie haha, so I'm not used to start all over again. Anyway I will do my best! XD

Btw, they really like to kiss each other, it's so cuteee!! <3


But if any of you are wondering... I'm not leaving arashi (this question somehow pop up for some times from my friends) I'm not leaving at all. I still love Arashi as much as before. I hope it's a good things tho, since I know some people will feel terribly happy if I'm gone, but not yet, or simply, never :D Just now, I have other group that I love as much as I love Arashi~ XD
I was wondering tho, why do some of people think that way... yet I found the answer by myself, this fandom already lost some precious and crucial people (not like I'm one of them to begin with XD) but I think I'll be lonely if I can't talk the things that used to be we like, with my friends (if you understand what I meant XD).

Okay, now shall we talk random stuff about Arashi?
Some weeks ago Arashian Semarang did popcorn screening~ (otsukare minna ^^) and like usual we were kyaaing lots~
Here are the souvenirs and door prize~ and of course our snack while watching the konsato is popcorn XD

[They make storm]It's been so long since I write some report of our activity, but I really can't find the pictures, I guess some are gone along with my broken HDD T^T
I just found this in fb also~ I got surprise part on my previous birthday~ See, how sweet they are, I really will miss them later when I move ;A;

Aside from me bing all lonely atm, let me show you my treasures! XD

I HAVE THE COPY GUYS!! jzhdgjsdjasgdjagfdvbdv!! Honestly talking, this magazine is... well, not like normal magazine, I pay $13 for one page, we can make term like that lol. Anyway, I have the copy so yay!

And thanks to the lovely raphaellachan I also got one copy of TV Person (Baby's hand porn ;A; hand porn~)

And and and!! See this guys!! This my forever treasure!!

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! ritchuuki drew it for me ;A; I will scan it and give it a nice frame (I wonder if I can put it on my wall XD)

And it's not currently but... finally I have the most beautiful light stick ever... I love it sooo much!

I ordered only uchiwa at that time and sent another order right when I saw the light stick, I thought there is no reason for me not to buy it, so ja jaaaangg~

Well, this is not that treasure treasure, but I got it from unexpected person, my ex lol. It's kind of awkward I guess, but this is first time a guy gave me something related to fandom as birthday present, it was sweet and all I guess since he knows me till that extend *I'm not romantic type definitely*

As for this (those are for sure my treasures, but it's not about that, don't you think Aiba is getting too dark? XD)

He is definitely very dark in the popcorn uchiwa XD

[RL]Another thing about RL, I will start a new semester soon in Surabaya, so if any of you lives in Surabaya let's meet sometimes. I just know some Arashian in Surabaya, I hope I will get more friends the time I start to live there. Since I think my life will be pretty much frustrating with assignments and stuff lol. Although I surely miss to attend classes, call me DoM but I prefer to study than work. I will start to study master degree of Psychology in University of Airlangga, so really, as long as you are in Surabaya we can meet! :D

I'm VERY excited about this, since finally I will leave my city! I will surely miss my bffs and arashians here (and not like I won't back at all) but... I need some clear air and new situation. I want to start anew, doing things in a place where most of people have no relation at all with me, nor know me to begin with. And I love Surabaya so much, I just went there twice (for my test and registration) but I already like the city and I'm glad to get the university there.

I'll see you guys later~ ^^/
when &#39;hot&#39; word changes everything~~

[randomness] My favorite fanfics part 2 :D

So, today I decided not to continue writing, nor I will study like I used to do when I have time. I decided I will read fanfics! lol.
As before that, I really think I need to write in this journal at least haha, since it's practically abandoned whatsoever~ So I'm here again with my favorite fanfics~! Lately I've been doing the sakuraiba fanfic list again so I read lots of fics randomly, I need the post as my bookmark also hohoho
I usually like angst fanfics, that would make your heart goes Kyuun~ but well~ The fics below aren't all angsty, some maybe, since they are my favorite anyway (you can't expected more from me XD)

Full of my personal opinion and maybe a bit spoiler~
The title will link you to first chapter or the fic itself (since some of them are one shots XD)

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the red aren&#39;t amused!

[randomness] Do you know this particular fanfic? And please give me suggestion! :D

So~ I had a conversation some days ago with my friend, ista nee-chan~ and she mentioned about a particular fic. The summary is Sho was running away from Jun from maybe an engagement... then he met Aiba in Keikarou. But Aiba was a retarded... because his mom keeps him that way.

I'm not really into sakumoto, that's why I maybe missed this fic when it posted (maybe because the side pairing is sakumoto~). But then, I have interest to read it after hearing the summary... So anyone read this fic before? Because sadly, Ista nee-chan can't remember who is the author also~ XD

I'd love to read it so if any of you have any idea about the fic, please let me know~! ^^

Also... If you have any suggestion of sakuraiba fics, please let me know, I'm carving for some lately~
Maybe your favorite? I want to read I want to read~ *is excited*
very danger icon LOL

Why Do We Love Aiba Masaki~ part 1? :D

Why do we love Aiba Masaki... We will need an answer like... why do we even need a reason to love him? We don't because he is lovable just like that, but then this post is completely pointless D:
So let's see... some reasons behind people who fall for Aiba's charm XD

His bright Smile 

I mean really, can you hate those smile?

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