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[english sub] Coca Cola '05 CMs

Hey hey!!
This post only contains some short CMs (well, expect what from CM XD) of Coca Cola, where my main fandoms crossed (important information is important XD). I can't help to flail! I mean it's jdhshsggdvg to see Arashi in CM with KinKi Kids' Eien no BLOODS as background music. And and! Koichi appeared with Arashi's Hadashi no Mirai as background music! XD

It's a pure happiness to sub this! \(^o^)/

A screencap for ritchuuki bcoz both her ichibans are there XD

Young Arashi~ <3

Young Koichi~ I love his hair <3

Translated by the only one that would say yes no matter my request would be massu_piggy (you need to stop spoils me, or not <3)
Timed by me~ :D
Lyric translations goes to yarukizero and JpopAsia
The quality of the videos aren't the best, but I think it's cool!
Special thanks to einery_here

Links :
Mega : 2003.03.19 (15s) III 2003.07.15 (15s) III 2003.07.15 (30s) III All in one zip
Filecloud : 2003.03.19 (15s) III 2003.07.15 (15s) III 2003.07.15 (30s) III All in one zip
4shared : 2003.03.19 (15s) III 2003.07.15 (15s) III 2003.07.15 (30s) III All in one zip

Password : arashixkinki

As for future~ I hope I can somehow balance my RL with fandom. Good news tho that I have some several random plans to sub KinKi stuff together with the lovely usarashi
And for Arashi, something will be released as well by the team I belong to. If you know where I belong to (you can guess it) XD and so everything will work like usual, I suppose~
So please looking forward to it, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

If someday this journal of mine is abandoned (maybe due some random stuff in RL that makes me cannot continue the fandoms) and I'm not around anymore. Feel free to ask for help to reupload it in domotokyoudai. Awesome people there will definitely help you! :D
Please avoid the streaming sites though, it'll kill the fandom so let's keep our treasure together ^^
Tags: !subbed, arashi, kinki kids

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