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This is the world I created...

...Arashi, perfect in their imperfections...

18 November
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Someone called Pi
No-P, or in short people usually call me Pi (That has nothing to do with YamaPi or Life of Pi, seriously). An extraordinary, health,  perverted -I still think that I’m not perverted; at least I’m innocent in my heart; but hey! girl can dream!-, strict, straightforward, and full of crazy imagination girl. A proud Gryffindor although never got the lion till pottermore, I was a hufflepuff (Yes, I was, you maybe can't believe it as much as I will never, hufflepuff and me? There is no trace of kindness on me, I know).

A girl who was born on Heisei 1 at the exact date with V6's Okada Junichi's birthday (yes! It's very important! XD), major in clinical psychology, from Indonesia~ A student, arashian, KinKi shipper, fujoshi, reporter, journalist, psychologist soon to be, author, subber, community moderator, but my fulltime profession is fangirl LOL

Currently is not available anymore after Aiba Masaki and Domoto Tsuyoshi (what?) stole my heart, no worries I’m happy they did ♥

I love ♥ :
• Aiba Masaki; Domoto Tsuyoshi; Green; Clover; Sakuraiba; Junba; Megane boys; Chocolate (But no choco ice cream and choco milk) choco mint, choco cheese, choco banana and choco strawberry work for me; Mushroom, pepper and fried onion; Extreme Sport; Sho’s arms; Aiba’s lips and eyes (lol I know it's a bit creepy XD)

I can’t stand :
• Veggies and spicy foods.
• Not really hardworking and arrogant people.
• Something popular in my country.
• Smoke

I have tendency to like people who are one-step-away from good looking, like good looking but not good looking enough to be said as very good looking (based on Kaba-chan’s brilliant explanation in SDK 2007.10.07). Confused? Please watch the episode by yourself kay :D
I also have pattern to like cry babies with doe-eyes and funny laugh, also people with some scandalous and deadly hips movements.
All over Arashi since 2010, baited by Aiba (who unfortunately stumbled in a hole head first the first time I saw him) and very proud about that. I mean how can you not love someone who practically illuminates rays of sunshine and makes your life full of rainbow, cadies, and unicorns?

I always have a dream (dry and innocent one seriously) about a wedding party of Aiba and Sho. They have to marry each other, like for real. I have fallen for them in a really weird and creepy way so if you are not comfortable with sakuraiba as couple please don’t hesitate to not open my page, for your own sake, I really am not responsible for losing innocence here.
太陽 (The Sun)
月 (The Moon)
KinKi Kids' Domoto Tsuyoshi (Dots) is definitely not my first and my only love (how can it sounds so wrong? lol). I don’t think I need to list things that made me fall for him like how talented he is (how can you be a HOT guy with childish smile and sweet laugh that good at singing, dancing, playing guitar, piano, and drums, and good at drawing as well, this is just not fair! And here I am with no sense of art, this world is just NOT fair!). My moon is someone who can solicit other people's strength to shine brightly. Full of mystery and covered pain, seriously, can you find anyone more intense than Domoto Tsuyoshi?

And please let my life perfect by Tsuyoshi and Koichi marriage. Ameen.
There are fanfics and ramblings only in this journal, all fanfics are open so no need to add me to read them, although I moved to crumpled_note to post all new fics. Feel free to join it :D
My ramblings about life usually locked but it’s not that important to read and very depressing so you won’t miss anything. Really :D

I like to have a lot of friends but currently I’m not adding a total stranger, although the possibility to be friends is not zero. Let me know about you and we can be bff XD

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•  niji_no_kakera 
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Super happy to be mod of
•  arashi_league 
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Honored to be encoder of tfgirls_team


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